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Cyberbullying or Cyberharassment

The Internet has become a very crucial part of our lives, as our day feels incomplete without the use of social media accounts. With the excessive usage and involvement of social media in our day to day life, we are also facing different threats. One of the most common threats is “Cyberbullying”. Our everyday life with each and every information, such as things we eat, places we go, our likes and dislikes etc., are on social media. People behind the screens can comment on anything to make one feel harassed. They are behind the screens where no one can see them, and it is pretty difficult to approach them and question their audacity.

The meme trend

This new trend of making memes for degrading someone or making fun of them is very common, and no one finds it unethical. A single mistake of someone can go viral in a day; because of the memes trend, no one wants to be left behind. The admins need new content for their pages or groups, and once a meme goes viral, it will become a trend for everyone to make something related to it without even giving a single thought that what is fun for them could be a matter of life and death to someone else. Making fun of someone through memes is a big part of cyberbullying.

Exposing groups or pages

There are so many famous exposing groups and pages with millions of followers, where people expose others who have cheated on them, or did something bad to them or had some bad online shopping experiences. The problem is that some people post without any proper identity or proofs, as they want to deface the other party’s reputation, which again comes into the category of cyberbullying. Because of such pages and groups, many innocent people have been blackmailed, lost their jobs, been refused marriage proposals or some even have lost their lives because of the rumors and vandalized reputation. Not only girls but lots of boys have faced such things.

It is very easy for a person to leave bad comments on social media, but how much that single comment could affect a person’s mental health is unimaginable. I am not ignoring the benefits we have because of social media platforms but there are cons too. Social media is such a cruel world where lots of people are unsympathetic and don’t care about others, as they are behind the curtains and no one can see them; that’s when their evil side comes out.

Social Media Detoxification


Surplus of social media and all the negativity circulating there could be very harmful. So one should always take breaks from it, and focus on the positivity around. Excessive exposure to the negativity could make you less empathetic. Taking a periodic break from social platforms and using that time for doing physical activities could be good for both physical and mental health. Doing social media detox every now and then is very healthy.

Cyber Harassment Helpline

There are cyber harassment helplines that exist in Pakistan but most of us are unaware of it. These helplines take serious action against the bullies.

Cyber Harassment Helpline number: 0800-39393

Email: complaints@fia.gov.pk
Email address of cyber crime complaints: helpdesk@nr3c.gov.pk

There is a foundation named “Digital Rights Foundation Pakistan” who will help you file a complaint without disclosing your privacy, and FIA will take serious actions against the bullies or blackmailer.

Here is the website to get in touch with them: digitalrightsfoundation.pk

Anyone who is facing any kind of harassment or bullying online should not hesitate to file complaints against their offenders, and the culprits have to pay heavy penalties.

Spreading false rumors or information against someone: Up to 1 million fine and 3 years in prison.

Making or spreading explicit videos or images of a person: Up to 5 million fine and up to 5 years in prison.

Cyber stalking (which means if u try to get into a relationship with someone through any social media platform or through calls or messages despite their disinterest): Up to 1 million fine and 3 years in jail.

Hacking email or phone for stalking: Up to 1 million fine and 3 years in jail.

Distributing someone’s pictures or videos without consent: Up to 1 million fine and 3 Years in jail.

Hate speech: Up to 7 years in prison and fine.

Spamming: 3 months in prison and fine up to 5 million.

Be conscious before posting anything online you might end up in jail with heavy penalties.



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