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Fully Funded HEC Chinese Government Scholarship 2024-25!

Are you dreaming of studying in China? Want to pursue your academic goals in a vibrant and culturally rich environment? Look no further than the HEC Chinese Government Scholarship 2024-25! This incredible opportunity is fully funded by the Chinese government and is open to Pakistani students for undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral programs.

Here’s Why You Should Apply

  • Fully Funded: This scholarship covers tuition fees, living allowance, return airfare, and other miscellaneous expenses. You can focus on your studies without worrying about financial constraints.
  • World-Class Education: China boasts some of the top universities in the world, offering a wide range of programs in various fields. This scholarship allows you to gain a top-notch education that will be recognized globally.
  • Cultural Immersion: Studying in China is an amazing opportunity to experience a unique culture, language, and way of life.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Be a Pakistani/AJ&K national (dual nationality holders are ineligible)
  • Be in good health
  • Meet the age requirement for your program (under 25 for undergraduate, under 35 for masters, under 40 for PhD)
  • Have the required educational qualifications (FA/FSc for undergraduate, Bachelor’s degree for masters, Master’s degree for PhD)
  • Minimum score of 50 out of 100 in the HAT or USAT test (taken on or after January 01, 2022)
  • Not be currently receiving another scholarship
  • Meet the admission requirements of the universities you apply to (academic record, language proficiency, etc.)

How to Apply

The application process is two-fold. You will need to submit applications through both the HEC portal (https://www.hec.gov.pk/site/CGSP) and the China Scholarship Council (CSC) portal (https://www.chinesescholarshipcouncil.com/). Make sure to carefully review the deadlines and instructions on both websites.

Important Dates

  • The deadline to apply on the HEC portal has already passed (Thursday, December 28th, 2023). However, you can keep an eye out for future scholarship announcements.

Don’t Miss Out On This Incredible Opportunity!

Research universities and programs that interest you, prepare your applications well in advance for the next application cycle and take the first step towards an enriching academic journey in China.

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