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Top 10 Affordable Iftar Deals in Karachi :Feast on a Budget

The holy month of Ramadan brings spiritual reflection and delicious Iftar deals to break the fast. But eating out every day can add up quickly. If you want to enjoy delicious Iftars in Karachi without breaking the bank, this blog post is your guide! We’ll explore various affordable options, from takeaway deals to affordable deal boxes, frozen items, and homemade hygiene all across the city. So grab your friends and family, and get ready to discover the tastiest ways to celebrate Ramadan without burning a hole in your wallet.

Affordable Iftar Deals in Karachi

Iftar deals in Karachi Iftar Deals Price Contact Info Location
Farah Kitchen Tiffen Iftar Box Rs 120
Rs 220Rs 300
0345 6435510 Karachi
Shahi Shireen Iftar Box Deal Rs 120

Rs 160

Rs 230

0312-8989444 Korangi No.4, Main Kallu Chowk
14th Street Pizza Co. Iftar Deals Starting from Rs 1299-/ 111-36-36-36. Karachi
Sizzlerz Cafe and Grill Iftar Deals Rs 2195-/ (021) 111 000 363 Karachi
Flame Pk Iftar Platter Rs 2990-/ 0213 3382883 A rooftop cafe, DHA
Red Apple Iftar Deals Starting form Rs 800 (021) 111 111 733 Khadda Market, Karachi
Canttuck Iftar Deals Starting from Rs 150 0311 1064444 Shop # 4, Gulzar center,Plot # K-1/4, Al Hassan chowk, Nazimbad # 1
Xanders Cafe Iftar Platter Rs 4500+tax (021) 111 926 337 Karachi
The Pizza Master Pizza Deals Rs 1249-/ 0321 3878209 Plot B-207, Shop #3, Block-L, North Nazimabad 
Fatty Patty Iftar Platter Rs 1600 0334 2024000 Bahadurabad

Farah Kitchen Tiffin

Iftar deals

Iftar deals

Looking for delicious Iftar boxes for Ramadan? FARAH Kitchen Tiffin offers homemade, hygienic meals perfect for staff Iftar, Roza Khushai gatherings, or charitable donations. Their special Ramadan deals include a variety of dishes to enjoy with loved ones. With a minimum order of 10 boxes, they even offer free delivery for orders of 30 or more boxes (delivery fee applies for smaller orders). For pre-orders, contact them via WhatsApp.

Shahi Shireen

Iftar deals Iftar deals Iftar deals

Shahi Shireen is one vendor offering affordable iftar deal boxes in Karachi. They are also offering “customize deal iftar boxes” along with their other affordable Ramadan boxes. You can include a variety of menu items in your customized box, including sandwiches, mini chicken croissants, chicken cheese samosas, and more. They also offer regular iftar deal boxes that include dates, samosa, rolls, and mini pizzas and their price vary according to the items in iftar deal boxes.

14th Street Pizza

Iftar deals

Craving affordable iftar deals in Karachi? Look no further than 14th Street Pizza’s affordable Ramadan deals! They offer three options to suit your appetite.

Deal-1 features a classic combo of a 9-inch pan pizza, cheesy bread, brownies, and drinks for just Rs. 1299.

Deal-2 ups the ante with a 12-inch pan pizza, cheesy pockets, more brownies, and a larger drink, all for Rs. 2099.

Feeling super hungry? Deal-3 boasts a massive 15-inch original pizza, crispy chicken strips, a triple dose of brownies, and a 1.5-liter drink for Rs. 2699.

Plus, you can upgrade your 12-inch pan pizza to an “Xtreme” version for just Rs. 200 extra. These deals are valid nationwide for both takeaway and delivery during Ramadan evenings (5 PM to 9 PM) in 2024. Don’t forget, taxes are extra and terms and conditions apply. To place your order, simply call 111-36-36-36.

Sizzler Cafe and Grill

Iftar deals Iftar deals Iftar deals Iftar deals

Sizzlerz Cafe is sizzling up incredible savings for the first week of Ramadan! Enjoy a celebratory Iftar feast at half the price with their 50% discount on all main courses. This is the perfect opportunity to indulge in their delicious menu and treat yourself without breaking the bank.

The offer is valid for both dine-in and takeaway orders, so you can enjoy the comfort of their restaurant or relax at home with your meal. Do note that the discount is capped at Rs. 10,000 and there are terms and conditions to consider. To take advantage of this sizzling deal, visit Sizzlerz Cafe between 5 pm and 1 am during the first week of Ramadan.

Flame Pk

Iftar dealsUnveiling their Iftar platter for Ramadan, Flame Peak, a rooftop cafe located in DHA, Karachi, is offering a delectable option for just Rs. 2990. While the contents of the platter aren’t explicitly mentioned, considering it’s a rooftop cafe, you can expect a delightful ambiance to enjoy your meal alongside the special Iftar spread. For more information or to make a reservation, contact them at 0213-3382883.


Red Apple

Iftar deals Iftar deals Iftar deals Iftar deals Iftar deals

Enhance your Ramadan with a variety of delectable treats at Red Apple! They’ve got something to satisfy every craving. Craving a classic protein combo? Indulge in their Ramadan special of grilled chicken breast with aromatic chatpata rice. Feeling like a flavorful explosion? It is one of the cheapest iftar deals in Karachi.

Grab their delightful trio of dahi phulki, mixed chaat, and creamy fruit chaat. In the mood for noodles? Look no further than their “noodle nights” featuring a savory chicken chow mein duo with refreshing drinks. With so many options, you can experience true Iftar bliss throughout the holy month! It is the most affordable iftar deals in Karachi this Ramadan.

CanttuckIftar deals Iftar deals Iftar deals

Celebrate Ramadan with delicious iftar deals at Cantuck! You can book your table now to ensure you don’t miss out on this delectable offer. Canttuck has two locations in Karachi for your convenience: Nazimabad Branch (located at Shop #4, Gulzar Center, Plot #K-1/4, Al Hassan Chowk, Nazimabad #1, near Agha Juice & Devago) and Port Grand Food Court. Call 0311-1064444 for the Nazimabad Branch or 0311-1063333 for Port Grand to make your reservation.

Xanders Cafe

Iftar deals Iftar deals


Xander’s is serving up a super popular Iftar platter that everyone loves! You can enjoy it at the restaurant, have it delivered, or take it home. The platter includes a yummy mix of food, like beef sliders, chicken skewers, wraps, sandwiches, and cheesy pasta. They even have fruit and some traditional Ramadan favorites. It’s a bit on the pricier side at Rs. 4500 (plus tax), but sounds worth a try!

Pizza Master

Iftar deals

Iftar deals Iftar deals Iftar deals Iftar deals

The Pizza Master is offering a limited-time Iftar deal where you can enjoy unlimited pizza of any flavor for Rs. 1249 per head. The offer is valid until 8:30 PM and requires a minimum of 4 people. They also have a single-person option for Rs. 1499. The deal includes pizza, fries, nuggets, dates, Rooh Afza, and drinks. Be sure to call ahead to inquire about availability and terms and conditions that may apply.

Fatty Patty

Iftar deals

Celebrate Ramadan with loved ones at Fatty Patty! They’re offering a special Iftar Platter designed to bring people together and create a memorable feast. This delicious spread is currently available only at their Bahadurabad and Johar outlets in Karachi. It is one of the best iftar deals under 2000.

Fatty Patty promises an “original taste” experience, likely a reference to their classic and well-loved menu items. For more information about the Iftar Platter or their Ramadan offerings, you can call them at the phone numbers listed above (0334 2024 000 or 0334 0002 355).

 Don’t miss out, grab those Iftar deals before they’re gone! Karachi’s waiting!

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