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Malta Government Endeavour II Scholarship: Fund Your Master’s or PhD

Are you an ambitious student with your sights set on a Master’s or PhD program? Do you dream of furthering your education in the beautiful Mediterranean island nation of Malta? Then look no further than the Malta Government Endeavour II Scholarship! This prestigious program offers international students like you the opportunity to pursue postgraduate studies in Malta, tuition-free, and gain valuable skills that will boost your career and contribute to Malta’s thriving economy.

Pursue Your Postgraduate Dreams

The Endeavour II Scholarship grants talented individuals the opportunity to earn a Master’s degree or PhD in a variety of disciplines at recognized Maltese institutions. This scholarship is a fantastic opportunity to not only broaden your knowledge base but also immerse yourself in a vibrant culture and beautiful island nation.

Who Can Apply?

The Endeavour II Scholarship welcomes applications from international students who:

  • Possess a recognized Bachelor’s degree (for Master’s programs) or a Master’s degree (for PhD programs)
  • Are seeking admission to a full-time postgraduate program at a Maltese university
  • Can demonstrate academic excellence
  • Are proficient in English (language requirements may vary depending on the program)

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Investing in Your Future

The Endeavour II Scholarship offers a comprehensive support system to successful applicants. Here’s what the scholarship covers:

  • Full tuition fees for your chosen postgraduate program
  • A monthly stipend to assist with living expenses in Malta

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Standing Out from the Crowd

To increase your chances of securing this prestigious scholarship, ensure your application showcases your academic achievements, a compelling research proposal (for PhD applicants), and a clear plan for how your studies will contribute to Malta’s economic development.

Embark on Your Maltese Adventure

The Endeavour II Scholarship presents a remarkable opportunity to excel in your academic pursuits, gain valuable international experience, and contribute to a thriving nation. For more information on eligibility criteria, application procedures, and deadlines, visit the Ministry for Education, Sport, Youth, Research and Innovation’s website

Don’t miss out on this chance to transform your academic aspirations into reality. Apply for the Endeavour II Scholarship today and embark on your transformative postgraduate journey in Malta!

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