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All You Need To Know About Police Ranks in Pakistan

The Police Force in Pakistan is a critical pillar of law enforcement. It is responsible for maintaining public order and ensuring the safety of citizens across the nation. Comprising various branches and units, including the Punjab Police, Sindh Police, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Police, Balochistan Police, and others. It operates under federal and provincial jurisdictions. The police ranks in Pakistan follow a hierarchical structure that signifies levels of authority and responsibilities within the force.

Police Ranks in Pakistan

The Pakistani Police Force operates on a structured hierarchy of ranks. Each denotes a distinct level of authority and responsibilities.

Rank Grade
Constable BS 05
Head Constable BS 07
Assistant Sub Inspector BS 09
Sub Inspector BS 14
Police Inspector BS 16
Additional Superintendent of Police BS 17
Superintendent Of Police BS 18
Senior Superintendent of Police BS 19
Deputy Inspector General BS 20
Additional Inspector General BS 21
Inspector General of Police BS 22

This table outlines the ranks within the Pakistani Police Force, along with their corresponding grades. It provides a clear representation of the hierarchical structure and progression in authority within the organization.

Senior Police Ranks in Pakistan

police ranks in pakistan

Inspector General of Police (IGP)

The IGP is the highest-ranking officer. It is responsible for overseeing the entire police force in a province, responsible for policy implementation, and overall law enforcement strategy.

Additional Inspector General (Addl. IG)

The Addl. IG assists the IGP, often overseeing specific departments or regions. It is responsible for ensuring efficient operations and adherence to policies.

Deputy Inspector General (DIG)

DIGs manage police ranges or specialized divisions. It is responsible for supervising multiple districts and coordinating major operations or investigations.

Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP)

SSPs lead law enforcement in a district, responsible for maintaining peace. It is also responsible for managing resources and directing major police activities.

Superintendent of Police (SP)

SPs oversee law enforcement at the sub-district level. It manages police stations and handles local law and order situations.

Additional Superintendent of Police (Addl. SP)

Addl. SPs support SPs, often assisting in administrative tasks. It helps in investigations, or special operations within their assigned area.

Junior Police Ranks in Pakistan

police ranks in pakistan

Police Inspector

Inspectors lead investigations, supervise cases, and manage police stations or units. It ensures law enforcement compliance and oversees subordinate officers.

Sub Inspector

Sub Inspectors assist in investigations, and maintain law and order.  They often lead small teams of constables in carrying out daily policing duties.

Assistant Sub Inspector (ASI)

ASIs support Sub-inspectors, handling administrative tasks. They help in conducting preliminary inquiries and assisting in maintaining public order.

Head Constable

Head Constables supervise constables and assist in administrative duties. They and play a vital role in ensuring smooth operations within a police station.


Constables are responsible for patrolling, enforcing laws, responding to incidents, and carrying out orders from higher-ranking officers to maintain public safety and order.


In conclusion, understanding the hierarchy of police ranks in Pakistan is pivotal to grasping the structure and chain of command within law enforcement. From the highest-ranking Inspector General of Police overseeing provincial operations to the dedicated constables on the frontline. Each rank plays a crucial role in maintaining law, order, and public safety. This hierarchical setup not only specifies responsibilities but also signifies a structured system where every rank contributes uniquely to the overall function and effectiveness of the Pakistani Police Force.


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