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Sehri Buffet in Faisalabad : Delicious Options for Pre-Dawn Meals

If you’re in Faisalabad and looking for a delicious and convenient way to fuel up for your fast, Sehri buffet in Faisalabad are a great option! From traditional favorites to new surprises, these all-you-can-eat spreads offer a fantastic way to start your Ramadan day. So, ditch the pre-dawn scramble and dive into a hearty (and tasty) Sehri experience!

Sehri Buffet in Faisalabad

Here is the list of the 8 best sehri buffet in Faisalabad.

Sehri in Faisalabad Offering Price per head Contact Info. Location
Marhaba Mahal Sehri Buffet Rs 1445/- 0331 7319794 Canal Expy
Melting Swan Sehri Buffet Rs 1495+tax (041) 6078816 2nd Floor, Boulevard Mall, East Canal Road
Silver Spoon Restaurants Sehri Buffet Rs 1495+tax 041 8850000 East Canal Service Road
The Lounge by attraction Sehri Buffet Rs 1690+tax (041) 8724400 Faisalabad
Grand Regent Hotel & Suites Sehri Buffet Rs 1599+tax 0320 8666033 Chn one Road, D-Block
Layllpur Sehri Rs 799 0300 1320059 Misaq ul Mall, Sheikhupura Road, Nishatabad
Vogue Continental Rooftop Sehri Buffet Rs 1395+tax 0304 8888327 Layllpur Galleria
AAA Food Insider Sehri Buffet Rs 999+tax 0328 0410412 East Canal Road

Marhaba Mahal

sehri buffet in faisalabad

Marhaba Mahal offers a sehri buffet in Faisalabad 2024. The buffet includes a variety of desi and English dishes, as well as desserts and drinks. Some of the highlights include Murgh Haleem, Achari Alu Bhaji, Signature Handi Tikka Masala, and Meethi Lassi. The buffet is priced at Rs. 1445 per person. so, if you are looking for a sehri buffet under 2000 than Marhaba Mahal is a go-to place.

Here are some details about the buffet:

  • Restaurant: Marhaba Mahal
  • Cuisine: Desi, English
  • Price: Rs. 1445 per person
  • Time: Sehri Time will be From 2:00 am to 4:45 am
  • Includes: A variety of dishes, desserts, and drinks

Melting Swan

sehri buffet in faisalabad

Sehri buffet at The Melting Swan restaurant in Faisalabad includes Seher and a delicious buffet & mouthwatering desserts. The buffet starts from 1:00 AM and costs Rs. 1495/- + Tax.

Here are some details about the buffet:

  • Price: Rs. 1495/- + Tax
  • Time: Starts from 1:00 AM
  • Includes: Seher, buffet & mouthwatering desserts

Silver Spoon Restaurants

sehri buffet in faisalabad

Sehri Buffet in Faisalabad at Silver Spoon Restaurant features a variety of Pakistani and Continental dishes, including:

  • Pakistani staples like Beef Nihari, Chicken Karahi, and Haleem
  • Continental options like Tawa Chicken, Pastas, and Omelettes
  • Desserts like Fruit Custard, Kheer, and Soji Halwa

The buffet also includes fresh green salad, raita, and beverages like hot tea and lassi. The price is PKR 1495 plus tax.

Whether you’re looking for traditional Pakistani fare or something a little lighter, the Silver Spoon Sehri Buffet has something for everyone.

The Lounge by Attraction

sehri buffet in faisalabad

 The Lounge By Attraction in Faisalabad is offering a Sehri buffet. There is a Ramadan discount on selective bank cards. The buffet price is PKR 1690 plus tax. Call 041-8724400 for more information and details about the sehri menu.

Grand Regent Hotel & Suites

sehri buffet in faisalabad

Grand Regent Hotel & Suites in Faisalabad offers a Sehri buffet featuring traditional Pakistani dishes. Enjoy Chanay, Allo Bhujia, Nihari, eggs, Lassi, tea, and juice for pre-dawn meals. The buffet also caters to Iftar with dates, pakoras, fries, wings, and sweets. Call for pricing.

Layllpur Cuisine  Grill and Bar

sehri buffet in faisalabad

The Sehri menu includes a variety of Paratha, Aloo Bhujia, Chicken Channa, Yogurt, and Lassi. The price of the Sahri is PKR 799 per person. Its location is Misaq ul Mall, Sheikhupura Road, Nishatabad.

Vogue Continental Rooftop

sehri buffet in faisalabad

The Vogue Continental Rooftop offers the Sehri buffet in Faisalabad includes a variety of Desi and English dishes, along with drinks and desserts. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Desi Section: Chicken Peshawari Karahi, Chicken Jalfrezi, Chicken Kabab Masala, Lahori Channay, Moong Masoor Daal, Garlic Rice, Aloo Bhujia, Mix Vegetables, Chashni Halwa
  • English Section: Bread Toast, French Toast, Potato Croquettes, Cold Sandwich
  • Egg Section: Cheese Omelette, Desi Omelette, Mushroom Omelette, Fried Eggs
  • Salad and Sides: Green Salad, Ceaser Salad, Mint Raita, Zeera Raita
  • Drinks: Sweet Lassi, Salty Lassi, Milk Tea, Green Tea

The buffet price is PKR 1395 (plus tax). Children under 12 will be charged half the price. Drinks and hot beverages are charged separately. The Sehri buffet is available from 2:00 AM to 4:30 AM.

AAA Food Insider

sehri buffet in Faisalabad

Craving a delicious and affordable Sehri spread in Faisalabad? Look no further than AAA Food Insider Sehri buffet for just Rs. 999! This budget-friendly option offers a surprising variety of treats to fuel your pre-dawn meal.

There’s something for everyone from savory delights like Sheesh Broast, Nahari, and Aloo Paratha to sweet temptations like Halwa and French Toast. Don’t forget the classic accompaniments like Lassi, Chutney, and fresh vegetables to complete your Sehri experience. Call to reserve your spot and start your Ramadan mornings off right!


So ditch the pre-dawn scramble and embrace the convenience (and deliciousness!) of a Sehri buffet this Ramadan. Faisalabad offers a fantastic range of options, from budget-friendly spreads to all-you-can-eat extravaganzas. Fuel your fast the right way and start your Ramadan mornings feeling satisfied and prepared for the day ahead.

Faisalabadis, what are you waiting for? Unwind, savor the flavors, and let the restaurants take care of the pre-dawn meal prep this Ramadan!

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