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Sehri Buffet in Rawalpindi: Buffets vs. Platters – Your Perfect Pre-Dawn Meal Awaits!

Ramadan is here! Skip the early morning rush and treat yourself to a yummy Sehri buffet in Rawalpindi. We’re talking delicious food, from Pakistani classics to fun surprises, all ready for you to enjoy before sunrise. Get ready to explore the best Sehri buffets Rawalpindi has to offer!

Sehri Buffet In Rawalpindi

Here is the list of the best Sehri buffet in Rawalpindi.

Sehri Buffet in Rawalpindi Price Per Head Contact  Location
Monal Rs 2295 +Tax 0515130305


Saddar, Rawalpindi
Anarkali Restaurant Rs 999 + Tax 0331 4944424 Satellite Town

Bahria Town Phase

Marco Polo Rs 2390 + Tax (051) 111 505 505 The Mall Road 
Mindanos Rs 949 + Tax 051 8444450 Bahria Town
F-6 Markaz
Diva  Rs 1300+ Tax 0333-666-3482 Jinnah Park, Airport Road
Enchanto Rs 1895 + Tax 0334 5789555 DHA, Phase 1
Chaye Khana Rs 700 + Tax (051) 5733674 Allama Iqbal Avenue
Basti- The Food Street Rs 1699 + Tax 0311 1828222 Bahria Town, Phase 4
Askari Club (051) 5141003 Askari Club, Rwp
Liwan Restaurant Rs 1399 +Tax 0334 5554926 Ayub National Park

Monal Rawalpindi

sehri buffet in rawalpindi sehri buffet in rawalpindi

Looking for the best iftar buffet in Rawalpindi? Look no further, Monal is offering the best iftar buffet in Rawalpindi. The buffet starts on the 3rd of Ramadan and costs Rs. 2,295 plus tax. It includes food from 11 pm until the end of Sehri time. Here are some things to keep in mind if you plan on going to this buffet:

  • The number of items will remain the same every day, however, the dishes may vary daily.
  • Cold drinks are not included in the buffet price.
  • There is a 50% discount for children under 6 years old.
  • Children 2 and under are free.
  • Staff, including security guards, drivers, and maids will be charged the full price if they eat from the buffet.
  • There is a 5% service charge.

Anarkali Restaurant

sehri buffet in rawalpindi sehri buffet in rawalpindi sehri buffet in rawalpindiThe platter costs Rs. 999 and includes Keema Matar (minced meat with peas), Lahori Channay (chickpeas), Anda Bhujia (scrambled eggs), Achar (pickle), Yogurt, Mughlai Lassi (a yogurt-based drink), and Tawa Paratha. The platter is available for dine-in, takeout, and delivery. It is the best Sehri platter in Rawalpindi.

Marco Polo

sehri buffet in rawalpindi

Looking for the best sehri buffet in Rawalpindi? PC Hotel Rawalpindi is offering a sehri buffet at Marco Polo. The buffetThe buffet includes breakfast by the poolside and Marco Polo for PKR 2,390 plus tax. There is up to 50% off on select debit and credit cards offered by some banks. For more details, call the hotel at (051) 111-505-505.


sehri buffet in rawalpindi

Sehri buffet at Mindanos The Food Chapter costs PKR 949 plus tax. It is the best sehri buffet in Rawalpindi. Here are some of the items included in the buffet:

  • Pakistani dishes like Lahori Channay, Mattar Qeema, Aloo Bhujia, and Suji Halwa
  • Eggs – Fried eggs, Mushroom Omelette, Mindanos Cheesy Omelette, and Pakistani Omelette
  • Yogurt, Mixed Pickle
  • Paratha, Puri
  • Tea/Green Tea and Sweet/Saltish Lassi


sehri buffet in rawalpindiCraving a delicious and convenient Sehri option in Islamabad? Look no further than Diva Restaurant’s Sehri Platter! This platter features all the classic Pakistani Sehri favorites: Keema Matar for a protein boost, Lahori Channay, fluffy Tawa Paratha for scooping it all up, and Anda Bhujia (scrambled eggs) for a familiar touch. Don’t forget the refreshing yogurt and flavorful Mughlai Lassi to complete your pre-dawn meal.


sehri buffet in rawalpindi

Enchanto is offering a Sehri buffet in Rawalpindi. They offer separate buffets for Sehri and Iftar. The Sehri buffet costs PKR 1895 plus tax and is available from midnight until 15 minutes before Sehri. The Iftar buffet costs PKR 2695 plus tax and is available until 9:00 pm. It is the best sehri buffet in Rawalpindi 2024.

Here are some of the items included in the Sehri buffet:

  • Assorted Fruits
  • Halwa Puri and Yogurt
  • Parathas (Achari, Lacha)
  • Pakistani Omelettes (Cheese, Mushroom, Mexican)
  • Bread, Jam, and French Toast

Chayee Khana

sehri buffet in rawalpindi

Great news for Chaaye Khana fans! After a 2-year gap, their Sehri Buffet is back! This Ramadan, ditch the pre-dawn kitchen stress and indulge in a delicious and satisfying Sehri spread at Chaaye Khana. Their buffet features all the essentials to fuel your day, including omelets, parathas, qeema, lassi, and refreshing tea. Start your Ramadan mornings right with a yummy and healthy Sehri at Chaaye Khana!

Basti, The Food Street

sehri buffet in rawalpindi

Basti The Food Street offers a Sehri buffet in Rawalpindi with a variety of dishes. Here are some of the items listed on the menu:

  • Main Course: Mutton Paye, Beef Nihari, Aloo Gosht, Mix Vegetable
  • Bread Section: White Bread, Brown Bread, Garlic Bread, Honey
  • Eggs & Omelettes: Half Fry/Full Fry, Cheese Omelette, Spanish Omelette, Scrambled Egg
  • Puri Section: Puri, Aloo Bhujia, Suji Ka Halwa, Achaar
  • Tandoor: Sada Roti, Kalwanji Naan, Sada Naan, Tandoori Paratha
  • Paratha Section: Lacha Paratha, Aloo Paratha, Tandoori Paratha
  • Halwa/Meetha: Suji Ka Halwa, Mutanjan (Zarda), Gulab Jamun, Jalebi
  • Drinks: Quetta Wall Chai, Green Tea, Peshawari Kehwa, Adrak Kehwa, Meethi Lassi, Khoye Wali Lassi, Cocktail Yogurt, Mango Lassi, Plain Yogurt

The buffet includes a wide selection of Pakistani staples and breakfast favorites, ensuring a delicious and satisfying start to your Ramadan day.

Askari Club

sehri buffet in rawalpindi

Looking for Sehri in Rawalpindi? Look no further as Askari Club in Rawalpindi offers a variety of dishes for dine-in and takeout, including Aloo Qeema (minced meat with potatoes), Peas Qeema, Chicken Haleem, Lahori Chanay (chickpeas), Aloo Achari (pickled potatoes), Dahi (yogurt), Pickle, Tawa Paratha (a flatbread cooked on a griddle), Tandoori Paratha, Naan, Omelette, Lassi (sweet or salty), Mineral Water, and Tea. Prices are listed next to each menu item.

Liwan Restaurant

sehri buffet in rawalpindi sehri buffet in rawalpindiLiwan Restaurant is offering a sehri buffet in Rawalpindi. The buffet costs Rs. 1,399 (plus tax) per person. The buffet includes sweet and salty lassi, mint lemonade, fresh green salad, pasta salad, shahi pulao or Sindhi biryani, and many more. So, why wait? Grab this opportunity at your earliest.


We hope this blog post has helped you discover the perfect Sehri option in Rawalpindi to nourish your body and spirit throughout the holy month. Ramadan Mubarak!

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