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10 Best Swimming Pools in Karachi : A Complete Guide

Beating the Karachi heat can be a real challenge. Thankfully, the city offers a refreshing escape in the form of its many swimming pools. From luxurious hotel pools to public aquatic centers, there’s a perfect spot for every budget and preference. Whether you’re a seasoned swimmer looking for lap lanes or a family seeking a fun day out, dive into our guide to discover the best swimming pools in Karachi!

10 Best Swimming Pools in Karachi

Here is the list of the 10 best swimming pools in Karachi.

Swimming Pool in Karachi Timings Contact Location
Agha Khan University Swimming Pool 7-9am



 (021) 34930051 Aga Khan University Hospital
Street 21 Swimmer’s Club 4am -12 am 0305 7217722 Model Colony Block 21
Paragon Gym and Swimming Pool 10am -11 pm (021) 36366386 Gulberg Town
Muslim Gymkhana Swimming Pool 4pm-10:30 pm Civil Lines, Karachi
Swimming Pool North Karachi Open 24 Hours 0332 2557522 North Karachi
Lagoon Pool 9am -10 pm  0310 5476026 Golf Club Taiser Club
Dar ul Sehat  Swimming Pool 12 pm- 7 am

11am -12 am


0312 2790374 Orangi Town
Karsaz Swimming Pool 9am – 10pm Karsaz Faisal Cantonment
KMC Sports Complex Swimming Pool 6am -9am


0343 1124598 Jamshed Quarters Muslimabad,
Green Land Swimming Pool 8am-6pm 0302 2555624 Gulshan e Iqbal


Agha Khan University Swimming Pool

swiming pools in karachi

The Aga Khan University offers a convenient option for those seeking a swim. Their Olympic-sized pool caters to both early birds with morning lap lanes (7-9am) and those who prefer a midday or evening dip (12-11pm). However, it’s important to note that this facility is likely exclusive to students and university staff since it’s located on the Aga Khan University Hospital campus.

Street 21 Swimmer’s Club

swiming pools in karachi

If you’re searching for a public swimming option, look no further than Street 21 Swimmer’s Club in Model Colony Block 21. While we don’t have details on their specific hours yet (their phone number is 0305 7217722 for those interested in calling), it’s a great choice for a refreshing escape, especially considering its public nature. Just be sure to call ahead to confirm their hours and any additional information like entrance fees before heading out for a swim.

Paragon Gym and Swimming Pool

swiming pools in karachi

In the heart of Gulberg town Paragon Gym and Swimming Pool offers a comprehensive aquatic experience. With extended hours from 11am to 11pm, it caters to a variety of schedules. Whether you crave a morning workout or a relaxing evening dip, Paragon Gym provides the flexibility you need. They can be reached at (021) 36366386 for any inquiries about pricing or membership options. Since it’s a gym and swimming pool combination, it might be ideal for those who want to complement their swim with a workout.

Muslim Gymkhana Swimming Pool

swiming pools in karachi

The Muslim Gymkhana Swimming Pool offers a potentially luxurious option in Karachi’s Civil Lines area. With timings from 4pm to 10:30pm, it caters to afternoon and evening swims.

Swimming Pool North Karachi

swiming pools in karachi

An intriguing option for night owls or early risers is the aptly named Swimming Pool North Karachi. This facility boasts the convenience of being open 24/7, making it perfect for those with unconventional schedules. It’s also a great choice for spontaneous swims, and their phone number (0332 2557522) allows you to call ahead with any questions about pricing or amenities. However, with limited information available online, it’s advisable to manage expectations – a 24/7 pool might prioritize late-night dips over pristine facilities.

Lagoon Pool

swiming pools in karachi

Tucked away within the confines of the Golf Club Taiser Club is the Lagoon Pool, offering a serene escape from the Karachi heat. Open from 9am to 10pm, it caters to swimmers seeking a tranquil experience during the day. While the pool’s name suggests a larger, lagoon-style setting. Given its location on a golf course property, there’s a chance the pool might be exclusive to club members or guests.

Dar ul Sehat Swimming Pool

swiming pools in karachi

Listed with some unique operating hours, Dar ul Sehat Swimming Pool in Orangi Town might be a good fit for those with non-traditional schedules. Split into two windows, they offer midday swims from 12pm to 7pm, and late-night/early morning sessions from 11pm to 12am. This could be ideal for night owls or people who prefer to avoid the midday heat. Be sure to call them at 0312 2790374 to confirm pricing and any membership requirements, as details about the pool itself are currently unavailable online.

Karsaz Swimming Pool

swiming pools in karachiKarachi’s swimming scene wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the Karsaz Swimming Pool. This expansive public pool in Karsaz Faisal Cantonment is a popular choice, offering extended hours from 9am to 10pm. However, keep in mind some sources claim civilian access might be limited. It’s advisable to check directly with the pool for details on public hours and any potential restrictions before heading out for a swim.

KMC Sports Complex Swimming Pool

swiming pools in karachi

Affording both early risers and evening exercisers a chance to beat the heat, the KMC Sports Complex Swimming Pool is a popular public option. Located in Jamshed Quarters Muslimabad, it offers two convenient swim windows: 6am to 9am for those who crave a morning plunge, and 4pm to 9pm for later afternoon or evening swims. You can even contact them at 0343 1124598 to inquire about pricing and public access details. Given its status as a public sports complex, the KMC Sports Complex Swimming Pool is likely a budget-friendly choice for a refreshing Karachi swim.

AKUH Sports Complex

swiming pools in karachi

Rounding out our Karachi swimming options is the Green Land Swimming Pool in Gulshan e Iqbal. With operating hours from 8am to 6pm, it caters to a more daytime crowd. This public pool offers a cool respite from the afternoon sun, making it a perfect choice for families or those seeking a casual swim. For any questions on pricing or amenities, contact them at 0302 2555624. While details beyond hours are scarce online, Green Land Swimming Pool’s public nature suggests it should be an affordable option for a refreshing Karachi swim.


As you can see, Karachi offers a refreshing variety of swimming pools to suit every need and schedule. From luxurious club settings to budget-friendly public options, there’s a perfect pool waiting for you to take the plunge and beat the Karachi heat. So grab your swimsuit, check the hours, and dive into a cool, aquatic adventure!

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