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“Tell Them You Love Me” Controversial Documentary on Netflix

Have you ever encountered a documentary that leaves you with more questions than answers? Netflix’s latest offering, “Tell Them You Love Me,” is exactly that. This thought-provoking film tackles a complex and controversial case that explores race, disability, power dynamics, and the nature of love. Delving into the relationship between a university professor and a nonverbal man with cerebral palsy, the documentary takes viewers on a rollercoaster ride through a legal battle that will leave you glued to your screen.

Tell Them You Love Me Documentary

Netflix documentary “Tell Them You Love Me” explores the complex and controversial case between Anna Stubblefield, a white ethics professor, and Derrick Johnson, a Black nonverbal man with cerebral palsy. The story unfolds with a focus on race, disability, power dynamics, and the events that transpired between them.

The Case of Anna Stubblefield and Derrick Johnson

“Tell Them You Love Me” dives into the legal case against Anna Stubblefield, a former Rutgers University-Newark ethics professor. In 2015, she was convicted of sexually assaulting Derrick Johnson.

Stubblefield met Johnson in 2009 through his brother, John Johnson, who was one of her students. John requested Stubblefield’s help in improving Derrick’s communication skills. Stubblefield, then 39, began working with Johnson, 28, by utilizing an LED screen for communication during a university class.

The married professor claimed they developed a loving relationship that included consensual sexual activity. However, Derrick’s mother, Daisy Johnson, strongly contested this. She argued that her son’s condition prevented him from engaging in emotional or physical intimacy, accusing Stubblefield of manipulating his communication through the keyboard.

Where Are They Now?

Following her conviction on two counts of aggravated sexual assault in 2015, Stubblefield received a 12-year prison sentence. In 2017, the conviction was overturned due to an unfair trial. Stubblefield ultimately accepted a plea deal on a lesser charge and was released after serving two years.

After her release, Stubblefield worked as a restaurant server but was let go due to the publicity surrounding her case. The documentary states she currently does unspecified part-time work from home.

The documentary concludes by showing Derrick Johnson living safely and with love at his home in Irvington, New Jersey, with his mother.

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