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Tom Hanks and Robin Wright Reunite for “Here,” an Epic Love Story Told in One Room

Get ready for a heartwarming journey through time! Tom Hanks and Robin Wright reunite on screen for “Here,” an epic love story that unfolds within the walls of a single living room. Directed by Robert Zemeckis, the mastermind behind “Forrest Gump,” this innovative film promises to capture the essence of life across generations, all from a single vantage point.”

A Love Story Spanning Decades

Hollywood veterans Tom Hanks and Robin Wright are back together on screen for a new film titled “Here.” The movie marks a reunion for the actors and director Robert Zemeckis, who collaborated on the beloved 1994 classic “Forrest Gump.

“Here” promises to be another epic love story, this time chronicling the lives of Richard and Margaret, played by Hanks and Wright, respectively. Utilizing de-aging technology, the film will portray the couple’s journey from high school sweethearts to spouses over several decades.

A Unique Filming Technique

The film takes a unique approach to storytelling. Based on Richard McGuire’s 2014 graphic novel, “Here” unfolds entirely within the confines of a single living room. The camera remains fixed in one position throughout the movie, witnessing the transformations of the room and its inhabitants across a century.

Release Date and More

“Here” is slated for release on November 15th of this year. The film is directed by Zemeckis, who co-wrote the script with Eric Roth, the same duo behind the Oscar-winning “Forrest Gump.”

A Glimpse into the Story

“Here” explores the concept of home and how a single space can hold the stories of multiple families across generations. According to Vanity Fair, the film will delve into the history of the house, showcasing its evolution from prehistoric times to the present day. Hanks will portray Richard from his youth all the way into his 80s.

A Stellar Cast

While Hanks and Wright take center stage, the film also boasts a talented supporting cast. Paul Bettany and Kelly Reilly portray Richard’s parents, while Michelle Dockery, Gwilym Lee, David Fynn, and Ophelia Lovibond round out the cast.

“Here” promises to be a visually stunning and emotionally resonant film, offering a unique perspective on love, family, and the passage of time.

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