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How To Transfer Money From Jazzcash To Payoneer

Great news for freelancers in Pakistan! Payoneer has teamed up with JazzCash, a leading mobile payment service in the country. Most Pakistani freelancers rely on Payoneer to collect payments from global marketplaces and clients, typically withdrawing these funds via their local bank. Now sending money from Jazzcash to Payoneer is easy.

Thanks to this partnership, you can now cash out your earnings with favorable exchange rates. This means more rupees in your pocket for your hard-earned work, all done instantly and hassle-free. No more trips to the bank or dealing with complicated paperwork!

Request a Payment

It is a method to prompt payment from your clients, aiding freelancers in expanding their business. This feature offers clients various payment avenues, enabling multiple ways for them to settle their dues with you. Simply have your client open the ‘request a payment’ link you send them, input their payment details, and they’re all set!

Step-by-Step Guide to Making Payments from Jazz Cash to Payoneer


Here is the step-by-step guide to making payments from JazzCash to Payoneer.

1. Ensure Payoneer-Jazz Cash is linked

Open your Jazz Cash App and confirm that your Payoneer account is linked to the Jazz Cash app.

2. Access ‘Request a Payment’ Feature

Inside the Jazz Cash App, locate and select the ‘Request a Payment’ option.

3. Submission of Verification Documents

Upon selecting ‘Request a Payment,’ follow the prompts. You may receive a prompt to send additional verification documents via email. Ensure prompt submission for seamless processing.

4. Initiating Your First Payment Request

Under ‘Request a Payment,’ begin initiating your first payment request. This action signifies your readiness to engage in financial transactions through your business.

5. Choose Payer Type

You’ll be prompted to specify whether the payment request is directed toward a company or an individual.

6. Confirmation of Successful Request

Once sent, you’ll receive confirmation that your initial payment request has been successfully dispatched.

7. Tracking Payment Status

Use the ‘Track Request’ tab within the app to monitor the status of your payment requests.

8. Managing Pending Requests

Any pending requests can be canceled if needed. Navigate to the request and follow the cancellation process.

9. Viewing Receipts for Completed Requests

Upon successful completion of a payment request, access and review the generated receipt. This document provides essential details such as Request ID, Date, amount, and applied exchange rate.

10. Record-Keeping

Save receipts for record-keeping purposes to maintain an organized financial history.


This step-by-step guide aims to assist in navigating the process of sending payments from Jazz Cash to Payoneer. Following these steps ensures a smooth and efficient transactional experience, empowering your business to engage seamlessly in financial transactions.


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