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BEEP: Pakistan’s First Ever What’s App Like Communication App

The Ministry of Information Technology has introduced the Beep Pakistan communication app, catering initially to government employees across 41 federal ministries and departments. This application is set to be accessible to the general public in the future.

Designed as an alternative to platforms like WhatsApp, Beep Pakistan aims to facilitate secure communication among government personnel. It features functions such as audio and video calls, video conferencing, and secure transfer of sensitive government documents.

The app’s availability will begin with federal authorities, with plans to extend its reach to provincial levels in the subsequent phase. After government staff, the application will be open for use by the public, making Beep Pakistan the country’s first indigenous social media app.

The government asserts that the app’s servers being situated within Pakistan enhance its security compared to other options. Additionally, the app’s source code will be hosted within the country. The implementation of the app was made possible through 83 new projects, involving an investment of Rs. 79 billion.

The launch event for the Beep Pakistan app saw the participation of senior officials from the Ministry of IT, including the Federal Minister for IT and Telecom, Syed Amin Ul Haque.

The IT Minister stated that this app’s introduction would mitigate audio and video leaks. He also disclosed the establishment of three new incubation centers over the past four years.

He further shared:

33 companies are currently engaged in smartphone manufacturing in Pakistan. Leading global firms are also producing mobile phones here. In 2020, IT exports amounted to just $1 billion. Presently, IT exports have surged to $2.6 billion. Our ambition is to elevate IT exports to $15 billion.”





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