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5 Best Iftar Buffet in Peshawar :Don’t Just Break Your Fast, Break it BIG!

As the sun sets in Peshawar during Ramadan, the city comes alive with the call to prayer and the delicious aroma of Iftar feasts. If you’re looking to break your fast with a delightful spread of traditional and tasty treats, then this blog post is your guide to exploring the Iftar buffet in Peshawar. We’ll delve into some popular restaurants, and their offerings, and help you choose the perfect spot to enjoy this special Ramadan tradition.

Best 5 Iftar Buffet in Peshawar

Sr. No. Iftar Buffet in Peshawar Price Per Person Contact No. Location
1 Monal Peshawar Rs3,370 +Tax 091-7242223-6 Sahibzad Gul Road
2 Shelton’s Rezidor Rs 1850 +Tax (091) 5701201 Opposite Total Parco University Road
3 Peshawar Restaurant Milwaukee Rs 6896 414-458-1896. Layton, Ave, Greenfield
4 Shiraz Ronaq Rs 1830 091-5284201/2/3


Opposite Cantonment Railway Station, Sadar Road
5 Bar B Q Tonight (091) 5700513 Peshawar

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Monal Peshawar

Iftar Buffet in Peshawar

Iftar Buffet in Peshawar Monal Peshawar’s Iftar buffet offers a wide variety of dishes to break your fast during Ramadan. They have included traditional favorites like samosas and pakoras, along with chicken and mutton curries. They also have a selection of pizzas, pastas, and Chinese dishes, including chicken Manchurian and chow mein. There’s even a dessert section with Gulab Jaman, brownies, and assorted mousses. Whether you’re looking for something savory or sweet, Monal Peshawar’s Iftar buffet seems to have something for everyone. The price is Rs. 3,370+tax.

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Shelton’s Rezidor

Iftar Buffet in PeshawarSheldon’s Rezidor Restaurant in Peshawar offers a variety of Iftar buffet options, including Dates, Fruit Chaat, Channa Chaat, Dahi Bhallay, and Samosas for starters. For the main course, they have a selection of Continental and Chinese cuisine, including Penne Arrabiata Pasta, Chicken Manchurian, Chicken Chowmein, and assorted fried rice.

They also have a traditional barbecue section with Karahi Gosht, Kebab Karahi, Lahori Fried Fish, and Chicken Biryani. You can end your meal with desserts like Chocolate Brownie, Red Velvet Cake, and Gulab Jaman.

The buffet costs PKR 1850 per person (plus tax). They also have a beverage section with Rooh Afza, Mint Margarita, Mix Tea, and a salad bar. For reservations, you can call them at 091-5701201-5 or 0324-7394367. Their location is Opposite Total Parco Pump, Main University Road, Peshawar.

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Peshawar Restaurant Milwaukee

Iftar Buffet in Peshawar

Milwaukee Restaurant is offering an iftar buffet in Peshawar for both children and adults. Prices are $16 for children between the ages of 3 and 10 and $25 for adults. Their buffet is all-you-can-eat, but do not waste any food. Reservations are required for groups larger than 4 people and reservations can be made by calling 414-458-1896.

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Iftar Buffet in Peshawar

Iftar Buffet in Peshawar

Shiraz Restaurant in Peshawar is offering an Iftar buffet for PKR 1830 per head (including tax). The buffet includes a variety of Pakistani foods, including chapli kabab, kabuli pulao, and mutton handi, as well as Chinese foods, such as chow mein and chili chicken. They also have a dessert section with items like strawberry trifle and chocolate brownies. If you’re looking for a traditional Iftar buffet with a wide variety of options, Shiraz Restaurant seems like a good option.

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Bar.B.Q Tonight

Iftar Buffet in Peshawar

Bar B.Q Peshawar is offering an Iftar buffet with a variety of Pakistani dishes and drinks. Here’s a breakdown of what they’re offering:

Starters: Dahi Bhalla, Channa Chaat, Samosa, Pakoras

Salads: Green Salad, Tabouleh Salad, Baba Ganoush, Turkish Salad, Assorted Salad, Russian Salad, Hawaiian Salad, Hummus

Main Course: Mutton BBQ Special Mix, Malai Tikka, Chicken Boti, Reshmi Kabab, Gola Kabab (Mutton), Chicken White Karahi, Pasta, Kabuli Pulao, Finger Fish, Chicken Ginger, Chicken Manchurian, Szechuan Chicken, Mutton Namkeen Karahi, Egg Fried Rice

Desserts: Gulab Jaman, Sheer Khurma, Custard, Jelly, Kheer, Lab-e-Shereen, Caramel Pudding, Shahi Tukra, Jalebi, Dates

Drinks: Tea, Green Tea, Nestle Powder Drinks, Doodh Rooh Afza, Rooh Afza, Lassi (Sweet, Saltish), Gur ka Sharbat

The buffet also includes a salad bar and assorted breads like Mix Nan. The price is not listed in the image. For reservations, you can call 091-5700513-4. Their location is listed as Main University Road Peshawar.


So there you have it! Peshawar’s Iftar buffets are a delicious way to celebrate Ramadan. From traditional treats to fun surprises, there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a fancy feast or a simple meal with loved ones, Peshawar’s Iftar buffets have you covered. Enjoy your Ramadan meals and have a blessed month!

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