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Sehri Buffet in Karachi: A Taste of Ramadan at Cocochan, Urban Tarka, and Del Trio

Welcome to the bustling streets of Karachi, where the pre-dawn hours come alive with the aroma of freshly brewed chai and the sizzle of delectable delights. As the city prepares to embrace the fasting day ahead, a special ritual unites families and friends – the Sehri buffet in Karachi. This cherished tradition not only fuels the body for the long day of fasting but also serves as a communal gathering where culinary treasures from across the city converge on one table. Join us through Karachi’s vibrant Sehri buffet scene, where flavors mingle, stories are shared, and memories are made under the starry night sky.

Sehri Buffet in Karachi

Sr. No. Sehri Buffet in Karachi Price Per Person  Contact No. Location
1 Clock Tower The Food Bazar Rs 1750 0300 1112872 DHA Phase 7
2 Royal Taj 0344 6445444 Allama Shabbir Ahmed Usmani Road
3 Cocochan 1890 (021) 111 778 899 Dolmen Mall Clifton
4 Urban Tarka 1500  0310 7881888 Gulshan e Iqbal
5 Del Frio (021) 111 454 647 Boat Basin, Clifton

1. Clock Tower The Food Bazar

Sehri Buffet in Karachi

Welcome to Clock Tower Food Bazar, a bustling hub in Karachi’s Saddar area that comes alive during the early hours of the morning. The buffet is offered from 12:00 AM to 2:00 AM and also from 2:00 AM to 4:30 AM, priced at Rs. 1750 per person (not including tax). It offers a variety of options including chicken, fish, vegetables, and desserts.

2. Royal Taj 

Sehri Buffet in Karachi

Royal Taj Restaurant joins the list of Karachi restaurants offering pre-dawn feasts this Ramadan. They’ll be serving all your favorites, from juicy kebabs to flavorful biryanis, and ending with delightful sweet treats. It’s a delicious and convenient way to fuel up for your fast in a beautiful setting.

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3. Cocochan 

Sehri Buffet in Karachi

This cafe’s Sehri buffet might be the perfect solution! They’re offering a variety of tasty dishes to fuel you up for the day ahead. Enjoy a satisfying pre-dawn meal and start your Ramadan days feeling your best! Check out their menu or contact the cafe directly for details on their specific Sehri buffet offerings.

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4. Urban Tarka

Sehri Buffet in Karachi
Sehri buffet coming soon

Experience the ease and comfort of Urban Tarka’s Sehri buffet in Karachi. Enjoy a range of tasty dishes in a relaxed atmosphere. From local favorites to international treats, there’s something for everyone to enjoy during Ramadan.

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5. Del Frio

Sehri Buffet in Karachi
visit their site for an updated menu

Del Frio wants to make your pre-dawn meals during Ramadan easy and delicious! They have an iftar special to enjoy before sunrise. If you buy any two main courses, you will get a complimentary Iftar platter with two special drinks. The Iftar platter includes mix chaat, spinach fritters, potato fritters, two chicken skewers, and onion rings. The offer is available at all of Del Frio’s dine-in outlets in Boat Basin, SMCHS, Gulshan, and KDA.


Looking for a tasty and hassle-free way to start your Ramadan fast in Karachi? Look no further than Clock Tower, Royal Taj, Cocochan, Urban Tarka, or Del Trio! All these restaurants offer delicious Sehri buffets with a variety of food to choose from. It’s a great way to enjoy a satisfying pre-dawn meal with family and friends. So skip the early morning cooking and enjoy the spirit of Ramadan with a delicious Sehri buffet!

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