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Sehri Buffet in Islamabad: Beginning The Day Right!

Islamabad comes alive during Ramadan with a special tradition: the Sehri buffet! These pre-dawn meals are a delicious way to fuel up for your fast. Islamabad’s restaurants offer a mix of tasty Pakistani favorites alongside more modern dishes. It’s a great way to enjoy a satisfying meal with family and friends before starting your Ramadan fast. Get ready to explore the delicious world of Sehri buffet in Islamabad!

Sehri Buffet in Islamabad

Here is the list of the top 15 restaurants with sehri buffet in Islamabad.

Sr. No. Restaurant Name Price Per Person Contact No. Location
1 Mindanos Rs 899 0370 6463277 F-6 Markaz
2 Zaviya Rs 1650 0333 5476222 H-13/33
3 Des Pardes Rs 1999 (051) 2320009 Saidpur Rd
4 La Montana Rs 1799 (051) 2898226 Pir Sohawa Road
5 KC Grill Rs 1895 0322 5000285 F-86
6 Tuscany Courtyard Rs 1499 (051) 8445544 F-6/37
7 Shandez Restaurant Rs 1499 0300 0575454 E-118
8 Atrio Grill and Cafe Rs 1199 (051) 8319999 Jinnah Super Market
9 Al Momento Steak House Rs 1495 0311 1100315 MMA Alam Road
10 Dera Dari Restaurant Islamabad 0310 5340595 Dera Dari Restaurant Islamabad
11 Basti Food Street  Rs 1699 + Tax 0311 1828222 Bahria Town Phase 3
12 Islamabad Hotel   Rs 2500+ Tax 0342 6483533 Laiba Restaurant in Islamabad Hotel, Civic Center
13 Chatta’s Paratha and Nashta Rs 2685 + Tax 051-2726907 F-10 Outlet
14 Makhan Malai Restaurant Rs 880 051 8355006 Chatha Bakhtawar, Chak Shehzad
15 Sky Dine Revolving Restaurant Rs 1699 051 5734311 Civic Center, Bahria Town


Sehri buffet in islamabad

Looking for a tasty and affordable way to start your Ramadan fast in Islamabad? Look no further than Mindanos Restaurant’s Sehri buffet! For only Rs 899, you can enjoy a big meal filled with Pakistani favorites and some new dishes too. They have filling parathas, yummy kebabs, and a variety of other options – all at a great price. So grab your family and friends and head to Mindanos for a delicious and affordable Sehri experience! Read the health benefits of Dates here.


Sehri buffet in islamabad

Sehri buffet in islamabad

Zaviya’s Sehri buffet in Islamabad is a great choice for a tasty pre-dawn meal this Ramadan! They have a nice atmosphere and a big selection of Pakistani food, along with some newer dishes. For Rs 1650, it’s a good price for a filling meal. It’s a perfect place to eat with family and friends before your Ramadan fast starts. So enjoy the spirit of Ramadan with delicious food and friendly service at Zaviya!

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Des Pardes Restaurant

Sehri buffet in islamabad

Des Pardes is offering a Sehri buffet this Ramadan! This buffet costs Rs 1,999 per person. With a variety of choices, Iits Sehri buffet seems like a good option for a tasty and satisfying pre-dawn meal this Ramadan in Islamabad.

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La Montana

Sehri Buffet in Islamabad Start your Ramadan fast off right with a delicious Sehri buffet at La Montana in Islamabad! For Rs. 1799 per person, you can enjoy a variety of tasty dishes to fuel up for the day ahead. This Sehri buffet in Islamabad includes a mix of breakfast foods and Pakistani favorites like eggs, parathas, halwa puri, and kebabs. Whether you’re looking for something hearty or something lighter, this buffet is a great way to start your Ramadan mornings.

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KC Grill

Sehri Buffet in Islamabad

KC Grill offers a Sehri buffet during Ramadan, featuring a variety of Pakistani dishes to start your fast. The buffet includes a mix of Desi options and English breakfast selections. Here’s a breakdown of what you might find:

  • Desi Section: This section features classic Pakistani dishes perfect for Sehri, including Nihari, Shahi Haleem, Keema variations, and Lahori Channa. You can also choose from breads like Paratha and Roti.
  • English Breakfast: If you prefer a more Western-style breakfast, KC Grill’s buffet offers options like omelets, scrambled eggs, and grilled chicken. They also have fresh fruit and cereals.
  • Beverages: The buffet likely includes beverages like tea, coffee, and juices.

The price for the buffet is 1895 per head and the restaurant offers separate charges for adults and children under 10 years old. With a variety of choices, KC Grill’s Sehri buffet seems like a good option for a satisfying pre-dawn meal in Islamabad this Ramadan, whether you crave Pakistani classics or a more familiar breakfast fare.

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Tuscany Courtyard

Sehri Buffet in Islamabad

Tuscany Courtyard is offering a Sehri buffet this Ramadan, providing a convenient and delicious way to fuel up your pre-dawn meal. With a variety of breakfast options and Pakistani favorites, this Sehri buffet seems like a good option for a complete and satisfying pre-dawn meal this Ramadan.

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Shandez Restaurant

Sehri Buffet in Islamabad

Shandez Restaurant in Islamabad is offering a Sehri buffet this Ramadan for Rs. 1499 per person (excluding tax). Don’t miss out! This amazing price of Rs. 1499 is only available for the first 10 days of Ramadan. After that, the price changes to Rs. 1899. This buffet looks like a luxurious way to enjoy a pre-dawn meal before your fast begins. It is offering over 40 dishes! That’s right, you won’t have to break the bank to fuel up for your fast in style. This buffet is a fantastic option for those seeking a diverse and affordable Sehri experience in Islamabad.

Atrio Cafe and Grill

Sehri Buffet in IslamabadLooking for a tasty and budget-friendly Sehri in Islamabad? Atrio Cafe & Grill has you covered! Their buffet is only Rs. 1195 and includes all your Pakistani Sehri favorites. Enjoy yummy puris with halwa, a refreshing lassi drink, and filling Lahori channa. They also have naan bread, crunchy aloo bujia, and delicious chicken nihari. Start your Ramadan fast with a delicious and affordable meal at Atrio Cafe & Grill!

Al Momento 

Sehri Buffet in Islamabad

AL Momento in Islamabad wants to make your pre-dawn meals during Ramadan extra special! For Rs 1895, they offer a big selection of delicious food to enjoy before sunrise. There’s Pakistani food you know and love, along with some dishes from around the world. The restaurant is cozy and friendly, and the staff will take good care of you. Bring your family and friends and enjoy a delicious Sehri meal that celebrates Ramadan together!

Dera Dari

Sehri Buffet in Islamabad

Dera Dari Restaurant is offering a delicious Sehri buffet this Ramadan! You can enjoy a pre-dawn meal to fuel up for your fast.  It has a menu for both Desi (traditional Pakistani) and English selections.

  • Desi Options: Pakistani favorites like omelets, scrambled eggs, halwa puri, and parathas with various fillings like keema (minced meat) and vegetables.
  • English Options: You might find more Western-style breakfast choices like eggs cooked to your order, along with toast.

Basti Sehri

Sehri buffet in islamabad

Sehri buffet in islamabad

Basti Food Street is offering a Sehri buffet for Rs. 1699 (including tax). The Sehri buffet includes over 40 dishes and is available from 12:00 AM to Fajar Azan. If you are looking for a buffet option in Islamabad during Ramadan, Basti Food Street appears to be one option to consider. You can call them at 03111 828 222 to make a reservation.

Islamabad Hotel

Sehri buffet in islamabad

Laiba Restaurant in Islamabad Hotel is offering a Sehri buffet for Rs 2500 per head. If you are looking for a sehri buffet in Islamabad during Ramadan, Islamabad Hotel appears to be one option to consider.

Chatta’s Paratha and Nashta

sehri buffet in islamabad

Sehri buffet at Chatha’s F-10 outlet in Islamabad.  It is an all-you-can-eat buffet divided into Traditional Sehri and Tandoori selections.

Here are some of the items included in the Traditional Sehri section:

  • Desi Ghee Beef Nihari
  • Chicken Achaari Karahi
  • Makhni Chicken Handi
  • Beef Qeema Mattar
  • Mughlai Murgh Cholay
  • Desi Ghee Daal Channa
  • Aloo Achari Bhujia
  • Khageena (Pakistani Omelette)
  • Special Channay

Here are some of the items included in the Tandoori section:

  • Live Puri Station
  • Lachaydaar Tawa Paratha
  • Roghni Naan
  • Kalwanji Naan
  • Plain Naan
  • Whole Wheat Roti
  • Garlic Naan

Beverages include:

  • Home Made Fresh Yogurt
  • Suji Ka Halwa
  • Meethi Lassi
  • Namkeen Lassi
  • Karak Chai

The buffet also includes BBQ items like Chicken Tikka Boti and Seekh Kebab. The price for this buffet is 2685 PKR plus tax. There is a discounted price of 2185 PKR for the 1st Ashra. Be aware that the menu items can vary.

Makhan Malai Restaurant 

Sehri buffet in islamabad

Sehri buffet from Makhan Malai Restaurant in Islamabad is an economic option to consider. It is an all-you-can-eat buffet featuring a variety of breakfast foods like paratha, omelet, and lassi. It also includes some Pakistani staples like Nihari and Kabab Karahi. The buffet costs PKR 880.

Sky Dine

Sehri buffet in islamabad

Sehri Buffet in Islamabad in available at Sky Dine Revolving Restaurant. ‘It includes Pakistani dishes typically eaten for Sehri during Ramadan. Here are some of the items on the menu:

  • Beef Nihari
  • Aloo Bhujia
  • Lahori Channa
  • Halwa Puri
  • Manchurian
  • Egg Fried Rice
  • Chatkhara Boti
  • Green Salad
  • Zeera Raita
  • Vegetable Omelette
  • Cheese Omelette
  • Mix Naan Roti, Tawa Paratha + Tandoori Paratha

The buffet costs PKR 1699 per person, with a discounted price of PKR 800 for children between 6 and 10 years old. Soft drinks and water are not included in the price.

Margalla Grande Marquees

Sehri buffet in islamabad Sehri buffet in islamabad

Margalla Grande Marquees in Islamabad offers a variety of Pakistani dishes for Rs 1995 per person. Here are some of the items included:

  • Starters: Egg omelet or egg fry (live), assorted naan/roti
  • Mains: Beef Nihari, Chicken Karahi, Lahori Chanay, Mix Vegetables
  • Desserts: Halwa, Lassi (sweet and namkeen), Plain Yogurt, Puri (live), Paratha
  • Drinks: Black Tea, Green Tea

Cold drinks and mineral water are charged separately, and there is a 5% GST not included in the price. Be aware that menu items can vary.


Islamabad’s Sehri buffets are waiting to be explored! Grab your loved ones and go on a delicious journey of pre-dawn feasting. Indulge in traditional flavors, discover new favorites, and experience the warmth of Ramadan together. So what are you waiting for? Start planning your Sehri outings and make the most of this special time in Islamabad.

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