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UAE Shows Support for Pakistan Following Tragic Train Accident

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has offered its support to Pakistan after a devastating train accident in the Nawabshah district of Sindh. The accident resulted in the loss of 37 lives and left over 80 people injured.

The UAE’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) expressed its condolences to Pakistan and especially to the families affected by the incident.

The tragedy unfolded when the Hazara Express, a passenger train, derailed about 275 kilometers away from Karachi, which is the biggest city in Pakistan and the capital of the province.

Reports indicate that around 10 train carriages veered off the tracks, leading to a significant loss of life and injuries.

The aftermath of the accident was marked by distressing scenes as some passengers were trapped inside the train carriages. Others were swiftly taken to local hospitals. This led to the temporary suspension of train services in the interior districts of Sindh. Rescue teams were promptly dispatched to the site of the accident.

On Monday, there was progress as the affected section of the Pakistan Railways track was reopened approximately 18 hours after the tragic accident involving the Hazara Express.

The reopening happened after local authorities worked diligently to clear 11 carriages from the Hazara Express off the tracks within a span of 13 hours.

The tracks now cleared and trains that had been halted at different stations resumed their journeys to Karachi. One of these trains was the Green Line, headed to Karachi, which had to stop at Nawabshah station due to the derailment.

The Hazara Express, traveling from Havelian to Karachi, also resumed its journey towards its final destination.




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