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Hussain Rehar Addresses Controversy Surrounding His Latest Collection “Parday Ke Peechay”

Famous fashion guru Hussain Rehar has found himself in the middle of a spicy debate following the release of his newest collection, “Parday Ke Peechay” (Behind the Curtain). This collection has ignited a firestorm of accusations, claiming it’s indecent and makes fun of modesty. But wait, Rehar didn’t let the drama simmer for long – he fired back with an Instagram post to spill the tea on what his collection is really about.

Rehar made it crystal clear in his post that his collection is all about art and fashion, and any notion of poking at religious symbols or veils was far from his mind. He chose the name “Parday Ke Peechay” to show off the craziness and hard graft that goes into creating something stunning behind closed doors. And guess what? The inspiration for this collection is the flashy styles of the 90s. It’s all about letting your personal style shine.

Starting off his Insta statement, Rehar served up the truth: “Alright, let’s get this straight about my new collection, Parday Ke Peechay, which basically means Behind the Curtain.” He set the record straight, saying, “Listen up, guys, this collection is a pure art and fashion combo, no religious vibes intended. I just picked the name ‘Parday Ke Peechay’ to mean ‘Behind The Curtain.’ It’s all about showing the chaos and hard grind that goes on behind the scenes when you’re whipping up something fresh and fab.”

But the designer wasn’t done spilling the tea. He continued with, “No, no, no, it’s not about veils or any holy stuff. I snagged inspo from the sizzling 90s trends to help people strut their fashion stuff uniquely.” Rehar was pretty passionate about his mission – to flaunt Pakistan’s incredible fashion heritage and toast to all things creative. Oh, and he had his eye on making some waves in the international fashion ocean too.

Rehar wasn’t stingy with the thank-yous either. He wrapped things up with a generous dollop of gratitude: “Big shoutout to everyone giving my work a once-over and throwing in some support. Fashion’s a loud way to express yourself, and I’m super hyped to show off my wild creative vision with you all. Thanks for reading this, and get ready for more artsy fashion fun!”

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